About price and discount

Fair transparent price  We try to keep our prices as low as possible. Once the price of raw materials drops, our prices will also drop. Our prices are mainly related to the following points:l Raw materials. Our main raw material is steel. The price of international steel  has been fluctuating up and down, with slight differences almost every week. We pay close attention to international steel prices. Once prices fall, our prices will also fall, and vice versa. We also provide goods with raw materials such as plastic, nylon and other materials. The prices of goods with different raw materials are different.l Craftsmanship.The same product has slightly different prices because of different processes. The more complex the process, the higher the price;l Product model.Different product models mean products of different sizes, and prices vary greatly among different product models. Generally speaking, the larger the product size, the higher the price.l Exchange rate. We are a Chinese company, and we calculate all costs in RMB. If the RMB exchange rate in the world becomes lower, relatively speaking, our products will have more price advantages;l Other factors. If you place a large order, the average price of each product is relatively low compared to a small order. If you have been trusting and buying our products, when you place an order, we will give you a certain discount, and the average price of each product will also become lower.  Products stock We have a wide range of products, which can be roughly divided into standard products and customized products. Standard products can be subdivided into European standards, American standards, Asian standards and so on. Our products can be divided into sprockets, chains, pulleys and other components according to product categories. There are many product categories and many standards. In order to save costs, we have not prepared sufficient inventory for each product model, but only a small amount of inventory for popular models. Most products are out of stock. Especially for customized products, each user's needs are different. We will provide drawings according to the user's specific description and needs, or users can directly provide drawings,our factory will produce according to the drawings. In this case, there will be no inventory. So our products are mainly for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, etc., not for individual users.   Mystery discount After you send us an inquiry, our salesperson will tell you how much discount you will get. The discount is random. Our discounts are divided into the following categories:ü Free shipping costü 5% discountü 10% discountü 15% discountü 20% discountü 25% discountü 30% discountYou can only enjoy one discount each time you place an order, and each discount is random, and only after you send a quotation.

Customer service

Free Sample u We can provide free sample of all our products,including sprocket,chains,pulleys,racks.u If you like our product and order it,the sample without fee;u If you think our product don't meet your needs,you need to pay for sample and transportation. Marking and Custom Package u Marking:If you want to mark your brand name on the product, we support it, but you need to communicate the specific details with the salesperson in advance.u Packing:We pack in square wooden boxes by default.If you have better packaging methods,we support customized packaging for you. Urgent Delivery Available We agree on the delivery date based on the order quantity, and there is almost no spot in stock. The general delivery period is about 2 months. If your order is very urgent, we can expedite the delivery for you, and it can be delivered within one week at the earliest.And use the fastest shipping method to send the goods to you in good condition. After Sale Service Ø Warranty service can be provided within one year after the product is sold;Ø According to user requirements, long-term technical guidance on use and other aspects can be carried out;Ø Handling users' letters and visits and telephone complaints, answering consumer inquiries;Ø Collect consumers' opinions on product quality in various ways and make timely improvements according to the situation. About Goods Damage Our products go through strict quality inspections before they leave the factory to ensure that all products are qualified products when they leave the factory. However, due to the long shipping time, damage will inevitably occur on the road. If you find any damage after receiving the goods, please contact us in time,we have no reason to refund. Notel Need to contact us within 30 days after receiving the goods;l Except for man-made damage after receiving the goods;l Except for damage to goods due to operational errors;l Other situations of damage during non-transportation. For more service details, please contact our business. We provide 100% satisfactory service.  

Quality inspection makes higher quality products

Quality inspection We have introduced the "ISO9001 series standards" quality management system and IATF 16949:2016 certification and EMSC certification,always adhere to the core idea of satisfying users with high-quality quality and service, and operate through a system combining prevention-oriented effective quality control throughout the entire process and advanced testing equipment,quality inspection runs through the entire process of product production, and continues to support the company's management level improvement and rapid development of the company. Pre-production inspectionBefore production, check the parameters of the equipment to ensure that the parameters of the equipment are within the normal range. We only provide high-quality raw materials. Before production, we will check whether the raw materials are qualified,unqualified raw materials will not enter the production workshop.During production inspection In production, each production link has special equipment for inspection one by one, but the quality inspectors will also conduct random inspections. Once a non-conforming product is found, first check whether the equipment is within the normal range, and then check the entire batch of products. Once the non-conforming product is found, it will be discarded immediately and will not enter the next production link. Final random inspection Before leaving the factory and after the products are produced, the quality inspectors will conduct random inspections on the same batch of products. Only if all the results of the random inspection are qualified can this batch of products be judged as qualified. If there are unqualified products, they will be inspected one by one. With quality policy and customer satisfaction as the core, the company pursues zero defects in product quality, continuously improves the quality level, continuously improves the company's operating quality (performance), pursues outstanding performance, and enables the company to develop steadily and healthily and achieve sustainability. Word-class equipment  We have introduced world-class production equipment and have the entire industrial chain from material processing and parts manufacturing to the provision and service of complete sets of transmission products. We are committed to new technologies, new materials, new processes, high-efficiency and sophisticated equipment, and various automation and information technologies. The application and promotion of this product has created high-quality chain drive products to meet the individual needs of different users in different fields, working conditions and users around the world.

What payment methods do you support

About payment  Payment method:WE ACCEPT THE CURRENT MAINSTREAM PAYMENT METHODS, INCLUDING WESTERN UNION, T/T, L/C, D/A, MONEYGRAM, ETC. Support currency: WE MAINLY SUPPORT RMB, US DOLLAR, EURO, BRITISH POUND, JAPANESE YEN, AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR AND OTHER CUTTENCIES, EXCEPT BITCOIN. What’s your payment terms If you can pay the entire purchase price at one time after placing the order, it is something we love to see. If you can't pay all the goods in full at one time, we support to pay part of the goods first, and pay for all the goods after receiving the goods. The payment terms are as follows. If there are special circumstances, we can negotiate how much to pay for the goods. l If the amount of your order is less than $3,000, we will ship the goods after receiving the full payment. Because there is a long delay in international remittance, in order to ensure that you can receive the goods in time, please pay after placing the order. l If your order amount is greater than or equal to $3,000 but less than $30,000, you can pay 40% of the purchase price as a deposit when you place the order, pay the remaining purchase price or pay 40% after the product is produced, and pay the remaining 20% after receiving the goods . We will arrange delivery after receiving no less than 80% of the payment. In order to ensure that you can receive the goods in time, please arrange the payment time reasonably.l If your order amount is greater than $30,000 or you have been cooperating with us, you need to pay 30% of the purchase price as a deposit when you place the order, and you can pay no less than 40% of the purchase price after the product is produced.We arrange delivery after receiving not less than 70% of the payment. If the payment is not paid in full, please pay the remaining payment within 7 working days from the arrival of the goods at the port or dock.

What's your after-sale service

Warranty service can be provided within one year after the product is sold;According to user requirements, long-term technical guidance on use and other aspects can be carried out;Handling users' letters and visits and telephone complaints, answering consumer inquiries;Collect consumers' opinions on product quality in various ways and make timely improvements according to the situation.Our products go through strict quality inspections before they leave the factory to ensure that all products are qualified products when they leave the factory. However, due to the long shipping time, damage will inevitably occur on the road. If you find any damage after receiving the goods, please contact us in time,we have no reason to refund.

What shipping method do you support

We support a variety of transportation methods, including international courier, sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation and combined transportation. Sea Freight Sea freight is the transportation of goods across the ocean most often using shipping containers that are loaded onto container ships. Benefits l Extremely cost effectivel Large transportation volumel Most environmental friendly among all modes of transportl Extensive coverage around the worldDisadvantage:Longer transit time With sea freight you need to make sure you plan well in advance to ensure your goods to their destination in time. If you are running on a bit of a tight schedule, then it may be worth considering another method of transport. Land Freight Land freight comprises two main modes of transport: road and rail.Rail freight sees goods loaded onto trains, again most usually in containers, specifically used for transporting cargo and can transport goods long distances, even connecting continents if there are compatible rail infrastructures. Benefits l Cost effectivel Reliable and adaptablel Complete door-to-door service and it is one of the more economical means of transport.Disadvantage:Longer transit time Land freight is one of the most cost effective and often quickest ways to send your goods, particularly over relatively short distances (when compared to air and sea freight routes).  Air Freight Air freight uses both passenger and cargo aircraft to quickly transport shipments to all parts of the world. This is a far more time efficient method for those with tight deadlines to meet.  Benefits l Very quick wayl Quick transitl Reliable real time departure and arrival informationl Greater security Disadvantage:expensive and size restrictions International Courier If your order is small, the pursuit of timeliness, and low transportation costs, international courier is the best choice. We support DHL international express, UPS international express, Fedex international express, TNT international express, EMS and SF International. Benefits l Speedy Deliveryl Reliability Is a Mustl Keeps Packages Safel An Affordable Option Disadvantage:Size and weight limitations Combined Transportation There are advantages and disadvantages to a single freight method. In order to avoid the damage of the goods during the transportation as much as possible, reduce the transportation time and reduce the transportation cost, you can choose a variety of combined transportation methods. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will reply within 24 hours.

Do you support the after-sales services?

Of course, we always believe services are the essential point to satisfy the customers.We provide a one-year warranty. If you have any operational questions during operation,you can contact us, and we will ask professional technicians to give you guidance.We will also provide some knowledge about product maintenance to extend the product cycle.

How long can you reply inquiries?

Within 24 hours. We workers will try our best to serve you and answer your questions patiently.Whether you are experienced or just starting, we will help you solve your problems from a professional perspectiveso that you can receive the most satisfactory service in YQ.We are appreciated you can contact us via the phone or other social apps. We are always here for you.

Can we visit the factory?

Yes,we sincerely invite you to visit our factory. In this way, you can see that we treat each process in accordance with strict procedures and operations.We always know quality is our company’s life.We control quality in every step from incoming material to the last packing.Besides, we will provide Hangzhou or Shanghai travel fees.

What is the terms of payment and the delivery time ?

We accept many methods of payment, including Western Union,T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,MoneyGram and so on.Normally 45 days after confirmed order.30days could be available in low season for some items(during May to July), and 65 days during new year and hot season(Jan to March).

Do you accept the customized order?

Yes, we can make chains and sprocket according to your drawing or prototypes.Besides, the experienced personnel at YQ can be of great assistance to you in identifying,pricing, and manufacturing gears and sprockets that are worn out, broken or of unknown specification for some other reason.In addition, we can do the heat treatment, hardened teeth, oxidization, zincification and other surface treatment according to your requirement.

Where are you located?

HANGZHOU OFFICE:Room 1310,Taotiandi Buliding 2,Jianggan District,Hangzhou City ,ZhejiangApproximately 5minutes from Hangzhou East train Station, 30minutes from Hangzhou airport.We can be reached at:Tel: 0086-18667944319/18858579590 and 83081255 and Nik@ChinaTransmissions.comFACTORY LOCATION:No.327,North Zhenxing road,Sanjie town, Shengzhou City,Zhejiang,China.