About chain

About chain


Our factory has ten years chain, sprocket, chain shaft production experience, specializing in the production of various specifications sleeve ro ller chain and sprocket wheel, double pitch chain and sprocket, textile machinery special cover plate chain, the tooth shape chain, CVT chain, nylon plate conveyor chain, motorcycle chain, plate chain, with a child sprocket, etc.

YQ Chain

1. Heat Treatment.: In heat treatment equipment, used in a variety of auxiliary medium at high temperature, improve the organizational structure of the parts, improve various items performance

2. Carburization:Place in heat treatment equipment parts were heated to a certain temperature and heat preservation time, and then pass into the carbon, medium carbon into the workpiece surface, chain in order to improve the hardness and wearesistae.
3 Quenching Parts :after heated to a certain temperature in heat treatment equipment, heat preservation time, and then according to the requirements in different medium cooling, thus improve parts hardness.
4 Tempering:After quenching parts at a certain temperature in the heat treatment equipment for heating, cooling and heat
preservation time after.Parts after tempering can reduce the quenching hardness, eliminate the quenching stress,improve the toughness.
5.Black Oxide/Bluing:Using organic polymer polymerization principle, the use of heat treatment process in the process of tempering heat black film.